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We have extensive experience in the conducting of the following type of Failure Investigations and Services:


  • Power station, boiler and pressure vessels – general and overheating failures.
  • Shaft, gear and sprocket failures.
  • Welding and heat treatment failures.
  • Sugar, paper and petrochemical industry equipment failures.
  • Elevated temperature failures.
  • Corrosion failures.
  • Remnant life assessment of steam turbines and components.
  • Graphitization, detection and the quantification and the assessment of it.

About Our Services



We are an independent organization and are not affiliated to any other company or organization.

We have workmans compensation cover, medical certificates for all our personnel and public liability cover. We also comply with all the site safety legal requirements.


Our services are not restricted to boundaries. We are able to conduct quality audits and surveillance of remote located suppliers or vendors. Components or products ordered from a supplier or vendor can be inspected and released at the fabricator, prior to dispatch. This not only reduces travelling costs, but also assists to minimize the risk of receiving non-conforming components or products.

Samples for metallurgical investigations or for testing purposes can be couriered or delivered to our laboratory.


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General Services


  • Replica taking, microscopic interpretation and the associated “Metallurgical Material Condition Assessment” of creep exposed and cracked materials on power stations, boilers and pressure vessels.
  • We have mastered and extensively employ the In-Situ Replica Metallography Technique. This is an onsite, non-destructive technique employed for observing and documenting the microstructural integrity of many engineering metal parts, castings, forgings, equipment, components, welds, stainless steel and many other special alloy steels. See the heading entitled “In-Situ Metallography – Replicas”.
  • Portable hardness testing by means of a Time Digital Hardness Tester.
  • Qualitative portable spectroscopic analysis of materials (PMI). This is conducted at the client’s premises/site or in our laboratory.
  • Metallurgical failure investigations of any type of components and equipment.
  • Metallurgical investigations of cracked or failed power stations, boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Consulting on matters relating to corrosion problems or failures.
  • We also offer metals materials advisory services.
  • Assisting with the metallurgical aspects relating to welding procedures and weld repairing of components.
  • Metallurgical investigations to justify insurance claims.
  • General metallurgical consulting assignments.
  • Chemical analysis of samples and representative shavings.
  • Manufacturing approvals for a variety of companies and products.
  • We have extensive experience with the etching and replication of Stainless Steel and other Special Alloyed Metals.



In-Situ Replica Metallography - Replicas


It has been proven that In-Situ Metallography (REPLICAS) is a very powerful technique for addressing many metallurgical problems, particularly when conducting failure investigations.


There are many applications for the use of this technique. It can be employed as a non-destructive method for identifying materials and their microstructures, without having to remove or cut out samples for chemical analysis i.e., to distinguish between cast iron, cast steel and any other type of metallic material etc.


The technique can also be employed as a quality control tool, in order to verify whether the heat treatment of various components or equipment is in the normalised, annealed, or quenched and tempered condition.


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Power Stations, Boilers and Pressure Vessels


  • We conduct “Metallurgical Condition Assessments” of damaged or overheated power, shell and any type of boiler, in order to determine the extent and the type of operational THERMAL DAMAGE and in turn determine the scope / type of the corrective action/s as to the methodology of replacement or weld repairing.
  • We perform “Major and Mini” remnant life - metallurgical condition assessments of power stations, boilers, steam lines and pressure vessels that operate in the MATERIAL CREEP temperature range.
  • Replicas: We offer the most competitive prices for the taking and the microscopic interpretation of replicas. Our background of 28 years of service in the Power Station Boiler and Pressure Vessel Industry is testimony to our success with this technique.


Boilers Maintenance Technology Course



Metfocus’s Chief Metallurgist was the custodian of the famous Boiler Maintenance Technology Course at his previous employer (Steinmüller) and now presents as a guest lecturer the metallurgical modules, which are associated with this course. 

The course is run twice or three times a year – depending on demand. This is offered in the following formats:


1. As a metallurgical guest lecturer for Steinmüller Africa and for TÜV Rheinland Inspection Services (Pty) Ltd.

2. In the format of an In-house, Client Specific / Tailored  course.




At Metfocus we are not just theoretical, we believe in active participation


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