METFOCUS Metallurgical Consulting SERVICES

Who We Are and What Servcies We Are Offering


Metfocus Metallurgical Services is a multi-skilled metallurgical consulting company offering metallurgical services, based upon more than 28 years of professional and practical problem solving experience.


It is becoming a world-wide trend for companies to move away from operating and maintaining their own metallurgical laboratories or departments, they instead use the services of experienced metallurgical consultants. These active market forces and trends prompted the founding of Metfocus in the year 2002.


Situated in Carolina, in the Mpumalanga Province and also in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. Metfocus posses the services and facilities of a fully equipped metallographic laboratory, capable of undertaking and conducting all the types and varieties of metallurgical failures, investigations, assessments and inspections.


Our Metallographic Laboratory



We have a fully equipped sample preparation workshop together with a metallographic laboratory, where we prepare samples and test pieces varying in size from small to large. In addition to this we have six optical metallurgical microscopes that are utilized on site and in our metallographic laboratory.

Our mobility sets us apart from our competitors, as we are able to take the laboratory services to the client or on to a plant or a site. We have recently conducted a metallurgical assignment on a power station in Port Said – Egypt. We specialize and have extensive experience in the conducting of In-Situ Metallographic Replication (Replicas), especially on power stations steam boilers, pressure vessels and welded main steam lines.

Services Offered


We offer the following services:


  • Failure Investigations
  • Power Stations, Boilers & Pressure Vessels Investigations
  • Steam Turbines Failures
  • Replicas
  • Corrosion Failures
  • Material Analysis
  • Conveyer Chains (Heavy Duty)
  • Shafts Gears & Sprockets
  • Portable Hardness Testing
  • Welding & Heat Treatment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Steel Industry


We are “hands-on” and practical metallurgists.  Our numerous satisfied clients are testimony to our success.  A qualified metallurgist is always available and our replica metallographers are fully trained and have extensive experience.  Metfocus offers competitive rates and we know you have many choices of whom to work with, in the industry. Therefore we take pride in our work and we assure you that you will receive our undivided and prompt attention.


The metallurgical consulting industry is a major player and has an impact on our country’s growth and prosperity. Metallurgy is assisting the world engineering field in achieving ultimate quality levels, because having metallurgical failures could cost the industry billions of dollars.


Metfocus is set to meet any challenge and has the ways and means to solve your specific metallurgical problems.



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The Industries That We Service



  • Power Generation Industry
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Chemical Plants
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Mining, Steel and Alloy Industry
  • Boilers and Steam
  • Sugar Mills
  • Food Industry
  • Marine, Shipping and Containers
  • Insurance Claims and Loss Adjusters


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